We live in a world created by Albert Einstein. His ideas underpin our sense of the universe, space and time – the very framework of the reality within which we live. His ideas have laid the foundation for the technologies that are at the heart of our modern lives at an ever increasing speed and in truly revolutionary ways.

Einstein also holds the key to ensuring our futures through the technologies created through his theories, safe and sustainable energies stemming from his work or adopting his approach of humanity and humility. If we are to secure our increasingly precarious hold on our planetary home then we must celebrate Einstein and his work and forge a future reliant on what he gifted the world.

This blog is dedicated to celebrating the man, his achievements, and discussing how we can make our future based on technology and energy arising from his work, by talking about the ways his work molds and forms our world, how the future can be created and by inviting the world to celebrate this great man by declaring his birthday, the 14th March as Einstein Day, a day we can all celebrate his contributions to our present and future lives.


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