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Einstein’s Energy Solutions

Posted January 31, 2016 By admin

I have spoken before about Einstein’s contributions to our future energy solutions. In Einstein’s pot pori I highlighted the fundamental contribution Einstein’s 1905 explanation of the photoelectric effect has made to our ability to design and understand solar panels and in Two Fusion Futures I discussed Nuclear Fusion as the possible answer for our future energy needs and again the importance of Einstein’s work in our ability to understand and deliver Fusion energy.


Recently I have become aware (Marcus Chown – What a Wonderful World) of another possible future energy source: Artificial Photosynthesis. Most of us know that Photosynthesis is the process whereby plants take in carbon dioxide and pump out oxygen. However, how does this work and what has it to do with Albert Einstein?


It is all to do with the Photon and an understanding of how photons work. Light’s energy is contained in the photon (first brought to the world by Einstein’s paper on the photoelectric effect in 1905) and in plants that energy is transferred to an electron by proteins. The electron then energises chemical processes that splits hydrogen from water and together with carbon from carbon dioxide builds sugars with a leftover of oxygen, which is then ejected by the plant. This process then, involves the production of hydrogen, which is possible future energy source. It can be used in power cells to fuel our energy needs.


Replicating this process artificially could lead to unlocking our energy needs and could transform the world.


This requires three steps:

    1. Light is captured and its energy transferred to an electron
    2. The electron is freed from its atom
    3. The electron is used to liberate hydrogen from water.


Without Albert Einstein’s explanation of the photoelectric effect by his introduction of light quanta (now known as Photons) we would be in the dark ages in our understanding of these processes. Once again then, his work is at the heart of a fundamental understanding of our world and leading the way for our future.

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Let There Be Matter

Posted May 25, 2014 By admin

Physicists at Imperial College London have published a report in which they claim to have solved the problem of creating matter from light.

We are not talking about some magical machine that makes a car from light (not yet anyway), but they are talking about is combining two particles of light (photons) into an electron and its antimatter equivalent – a positron.

The process involves the use of high energy lasers fired into a tiny gold capsule (called a hohlraum), which produces light as bright as a star and then sending a stream of high energy photons into the same space, which creates around 100,000 electron-positron pairs.

Let your mind dream about where this might all end up! Light into matter, could we possibly be on the verge of processes where we can create solids from light. Where could such technology take us?

And this process is all about Einstein. Oliver Pike, the lead researcher on the study says the process is one of the most elegant demonstrations of e=mc2 – the demonstration of the relationship between matter and energy

Just look at the components of the experiment and its underpinning. Photons, lasers and the relationship between matter and energy – all of them stemming directly from Einstein’s work. Such ability to manipulate light, particles and energy could never happen without Einstein’s work.

If we are ever able to create matter from light it will be because of the work of Albert Einstein.

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Is Einstein Energy Close?

Posted August 28, 2011 By admin

Einstein energy is Fussion energy.

This is a great article in the Guardian Newspaper on the current state of fussion power. I thought it well worth sharing.

The fusion reactions at the heart of fussion power are E=mc2 factories. Without the theory we would lack the theoretical understanding of how fusion and hence, our stars work. We have Einstein to thank for the underpinning of fussion theory and the possible answer to our future energy needs. This is a very important link to understanding how Albert Einstein made and continues to make our world.

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Einstein’s Star

Posted February 18, 2011 By admin

What is Einstein’s star? It is quite possibly the answer to our future energy needs. Once again, we owe our futures to Albert Einstein.

At the National Ignition Facility (NIF) in Livermore, California there lurks an experiment of global importance. In a huge irregular shaped sphere, 192 of the world’s most powerful lasers will be focused on a tiny target the size of a ball bearing. Why? To a create a sun. The intention is is to produce temperatures comparable to our sun and thus create an unstoppable Nuclear fusion reaction.

So what has this to do with Albert Einstein? Two things:

1. Those lasers upon which the experiment relies are a technology that directly result from Einstein’s 1917 paper “On the Quantum Theory of Radiation”, in which he proposed the possibility of stimulated emission, which is the theoretical foundation of the laser.

2. The sun, and hence the man made star being planned at the NIF is explained by e=mc2. The fusion reactions of the sun and all the other stars in our universe are E=mc2 factories. Without the theory we would lack the theoretical understanding of how fusion and hence, our stars work.

We owe this attempt at finding an answer to the planet’s future energy needs to the work of Albert Einstein.

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