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Einstein’s Energy Solutions

Einstein’s explanation of the photoelectric effect by introducing to physics the photon could help us unleash the potential of artificial photosynthesis as a future answer to our energy needs.

Let There Be Matter

A recently published work speculates on the creation of matter from light using lasers.

Two Fusion Futures

Nuclear Fusion is in the news. Two developments in Fusion, one to provide our energy needs and the other to power star-ships to neighbouring galaxies, show how humanity’s future may depend on Fusion. And we have Albert Einstein to thank for our understanding of Fusion.

Is Einstein Energy Close?

The fusion reactions at the heart of fussion power are E=mc2 factories. Without the theory we would lack the theoretical understanding of how fusion and hence, our stars work.

Einstein’s Star

What is Einstein’s star? It is quite possibly the answer to our future energy needs. Once again, we owe our futures to Albert Einstein. At the National Ignition Facility (NIF) in Livermore, California there lurks an experiment of global importance. In a huge irregular shaped sphere, 192 of the world’s most powerful lasers will be […]