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2016 – Forget Trump, it was Einstein’s year

The true Person of 2016 wasn’t Donald Trump, but Albert Einstein. This article explains why.

Whispers of the Big Bang?

There are rumours that an American Astrophysics team are set to announce they have detected primordial gravitational waves, which are in essence an echo of the big bang. If correct it will be one of those big physics headlines, much like the announcement of the Higgs-boson.

Einstein and Higgs-boson

Suddenly Big Science is leading the news. The announcement of the discovery of a Higgs-boson like particle at the Hadron collider has TV news, newspapers and global magazines falling over themselves to report on the importance and significance of the discovery. Physics is for the time being back at the centre of the big questions […]

Einstein’s Big Bang Machine

Nestled under the French/Swiss border, just outside Geneva, lurks the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). So what is the link between this marvel of modern engineering and Albert Einstein? Well, quite simply to understand the machine and its quest, we need Einstein’s theoretical and mathematical insights.